Christine has had a variety of teaching experiences that help to guide and develop her students and their horses. Christine’s teaching encourages and guides her students through the training process in a comprehensive manner.  With a diverse background in various equestrian disciplines she is able to find the road that leads and aids each horse and rider combination to success in the training process and in the show ring.  As a trainer Christine has experience and appreciates the qualities that each breed has to offer. Her experiences with everything from; draft-crosses, thoroughbreds, warm-bloods to Arabians, have given her an open mind to the needs of each horse she encounters.  Christine has a reputation for succeeding with horses that are deemed sensitive or difficult.  Christine also loves working with mares and stallions in competition and training.

teaching with my puppiesChristine provides challenging yet sensitive instruction for children and adults. She incorporates teaching methods which she acquired during her formal college education, and during her practical experience teaching high school special education, into her equestrian instruction.

In-hand training and her extensive riding experience are utilized to optimally increase the muscular development, balance and technical skill in her horses & students. Christine emphasizes a balanced seat riding technique for all styles of riding. Students establish a secure seat through use of lunge lessons, which is the time honored tool of classical dressage. These techniques allow the student to become a proficient and elegant rider.
Our lesson horses are well seasoned and solid in their skills, temperament and gaits. These horses offer students an excellent opportunity to develop a solid and correct seat, as well as the feel for difficult movements. Some of these horses are available for part time lease and competing.

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