What a year! We started it off with a big event, the arrival of my daughter, Aubrey Christine Betz on March 02, 2017! Aubrey was good to mama and I was able to get back to work really quickly.

Hugely exciting was the FEI approval in 2016 of Myler Bits for FEI dressage use, that was followed in April 2017 by the USEF/USDF approval for the 2017 show season beginning in June of the 2017.

I was so excited to have the USEF approve these bits. As many of you know Coronado has been the poster child of the Myler bits for dressage. He loves them, and trying to compete him without them has been a really unpleasant challenge.

Waiting until June to compete Coronado, I debut Wispen to a very successful First and Second place finish, 64%+ in I-1 as I continued to solidify his Grand Prix work for 2018.

My anticipation of showing Coronado in Grand Prix in his Myler Bits was dampened by him contracting Lyme Disease. It showed itself by aggressive swelling of his right hock joint, and oddly around his left eye lid. We got it under control with the help of our amassing vet Kimberly Browkaw, taking three treatments. Recovery was frustrating, as Coronado’s performance would be strong at one show, and not so great at another as the he rediscovered his body and worked the kinks out of his system. We were greatly helped in our training by my coach Kathrine Nelson and being able to work with a new trainer Alfrado Hernadez. We feel so blesses to have Alfrado’s help and insight. Inspite of the challenges, Coronado was Reserve Champion at CBLM Championship in Lexington VA and Forth in the Grand Prix Championship.

Catus is still strong and fit and enjoying light training and his teaching duties, while Sport has his lesson load and is taking show students to the occasional show.!



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